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What Psychic is all about…

Before answering this most crucial question-

Please understand that in the “Metaphysical World” most practitioners view the term “Soul Mate” as actually meaning: “One who passes through time with you for all or most of eternity”. With that said- do not despair– we know why you ventured to this site- because you are in search of your “Soul Mate” for life, but in actuality you are searching for your “one true love” or “Life Partner”.

But no matter what term you or we use on Psychic Journey-

We know why you came upon us and we also know we can help you determine who your true “Life Partner” may be and most importantly how to find them- but we can also help you determine who in your life’s path right now is a “true” Soulmate of yours & in some cases we can tell you where you have been together in other times and places.

If we can help you seek out the proverbial “who is who” and “which is which” right now in your life, as well as from your many past lives- then you have certainly come to the right place!

I don’t know about you; but I have met many people and have had many encounters with those I felt were “Soulmates” and “Twin Flames” (some of whom you can see photos of below on this page), but one thing is for certain our truly gifted Readers are the most ethical and caring Readers you will find anywhere in this incarnation-on or off the Web!

The key to a good Reading is knowing your Past Life and how it relates to you current one… Jayson Lynn/owner

“Who Are You?” (Discovering your Past Lives)

What is a Past Life Regression & why do it?
And how does it pertain to “finding your Life Partner”?  After all you are probably on Psychic Journey reading this right now because your main goal is to find out if you will meet your “Soulmate” soon- or maybe there is someone you feel so close to right now- that you could swear you “know them from another lifetime” or from an incarnation from long ago.

Well,  a past life regression session might help you get closer to your pursuit of true love; at the very least it very well may help you overcome certain issues or things in your life right now that tend to hold you back. The reason why your “past lives” might be the cause these current issues- is that we all tend to hold onto situations or energy from our previous lives- and these occurrences or karmic interludes definitely can and often do effect our current lives- sometimes severely to our detriment.

But we know why you have come to our site and maybe some more knowledge of your own previous past life or lives, might help you in more ways than one- meaning not just in the search of your one true love.

Do you realize that inside your subconscious  is all the information you will ever need to learn more about your past lives. Have you generally felt attracted to a specific time period in history or art, architecture or even fashion from a time long ago? Assuming this is the case,  it is possible that you may have actually been  in one of those eras as part of your past lives.

How You Might Learn from Past Lives

You might be considering how you can “take in” quite a bit of many things from your past life regression. In all actuality we ponder history in light of the fact that there are numerous lessons to be found out about human instinct by looking at how others acted amid historical times. Can you envision the excitement you can find by studying the things you did and lived from the past?

Is Your Future Written in Your Past?

Consider this. It is possible to learn that you are now married to an individual in this life that  you were also married to in the last or any of the past lives you have found through past life regression? Do you have children now? Might they have also  been with you in a past life? or maybe you were their child or even a different sex at that time- or more than likely from a different culture than you are from now.   What is the same about you now and what is distinctively different? Are there any little subtle details that will mold your future  that were present or acted out  in the lives you lived previously?

Go Through Time With Past Life Regression

It is conceivable to carry on a thousand lives inside the space of one moment in the event that you figure out how to catch/create  your Karmic  “essence” and discover it over and over again,  all through your gleaning into your many past lives. You can then appreciate more the highlights of all your past lives (both good and bad) and learn  a great deal about the true individual you are at the center of your being. When you concentrate on discovering the lives of your past-  you can figure out how to make this life significantly more important and enriching.

Discover Answers About “Passing” from One Life to the Next:

Significant serenity is maybe the best blessing you can find through past life regression. You now have the chance to see what occurs after before and/or after a “past” death you experienced, since you are currently proof of what occurs after death. You keep a little piece of your core being in every progression despite the fact that there are marked contrasts. You now realize that passing truly is a fresh start as opposed to an ending.
What is Holding You Back?

Why aren’t you tearing down the wall of the deep past to perceive what can be gained from your past lives? Past live regression is as essential to your future as it is to clarifying your past. Make your first steps in the correct direction today.  Our gifted Past Life Readers can help guide you and teach you about the “missing past” of your life and those around you.

What are Soulmates/Life Partners/Twin Flames?


Soulmates are those significant others in our lives who, when we meet, it’s like we’re old companions, or old mates. There’s regularly a lot of enthusiasm, bunches of happiness and it feels great to be with them. And before long there is a undeniable feeling of being as one. However, at times, things  then can tend to frequently begin to turn out badly, or you have a feeling that you’re in an old common place pattern that is keeping you down- but don’t despair: Our gifted and certified accomplished Reader Advisers can help pinpoint if the one you are questioning about is actually a Soulmate or possibly just a “Twin Flame”- or maybe even your Lifetime Partner- any of which might be one you are revisiting with from past lives you have shared.

Soulmates are those who we’ve had as lovers and/or  companions in numerous past lives. They are beloved, recognizable and frequently you feel totally more and more comfortable with each other, yet these feelings of closeness can more often than not, also be accompanied by each of your uncertain “issues” from your past circumstances together. This is a superb chance to determine and clear karma by settling the issue for the last time. Once you’ve cleared the karma, you may find that the relationship ends up wonderfully magnificent and you can live cheerfully together once again in the current life you share.  Or, then again you may find that you lose intrigue, whatever had brought you together for so long, seems to have vanished. That is alright, it just implies that you accomplished what you needed and now it’s a great opportunity to move ahead.
Many of our Readers can help you determine how many lives you have shared with the person you are inquiring about, as well as where the relationship and situations are heading to next- both karmically and currently.



Many ask  what exactly is a Twin Flame– the answer is simple but often times can confuse us-  The easiest answer metaphysically speaking can be your other half. (not thew “other half” that pertains to a spouse).
This is the being that separated from you way back toward the begin of your journey, possibly a thousand years ago or even in the last century. It has been said that it is extremely uncommon for Twin Flames to meet up here on Earth,  however, as of late, it seems that as a part  of our ongoing journey back to the Light, an increasing number of light-workers are meeting up with their Twin Flame(s) to unite and join the world together.  Obviously, everybody longs to be with  their Twin Flame. It’s a romantic deal,  ti have your ideal other half. You expect that everything will be okay when that happens. Be that as it may be, as a general rule-  you are simply two souls here on earth, regardless of how very much associated you are  at the moment, you will at present have issues to manage and the relationship will even now take commitment and work.
One thing most of us in the Metaphysical work we do here on this plane have seen that Twin Flames rend to mirror each other’s lives and distinct circumstances.  But you should try not to misinterpret the many similar occurrences or feeling of “Deja Vu” that you both share as meaning this is your one true love or lifetime partner.
Chances are you were only related to, or knew this person somehow- in more than one previous lifetime together. True you might even have been married to this person back then- but it does not necessarily imply that you are destined to be lovers once again.


Many individuals are persistently working, praying and constantly tying to conquer their  lifetime mission of finding affection and attaining true love- hoping  to discover the partner truly destined for them. Some of us often experience much despair before being certain that they are finally with their  long awaited partner, while some never figure out how to find the “right” one. We all make mistakes in choosing the right one. However this ought not discourage you in continuing youre quest of  searching for your life time partner.
Searching for a lifetime partner can be difficult. But with the assistance of our professional Psychic Readers & Life Coaches it can become much easier to recognize the “right one” not only from your past life with them- but
knowing what’s ahead- can help you avoid making common mistakes- ones that  intense attraction  can lead to
The professional Psychics on our site have the experience needed for you to gain insight and truthful answers and for bridging the Karma of your past life and help you find the one you are seeking.

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Getting back to the matter at hand- a regression into your past incarnations may be done in a few various ways… One of which is to visit a therapist who specializes in the regressing their patient via mild hypnosis in order to free up negative energy or tendencies we all have that can depress us or hold us back. With this said going to a therapist for your past life regression isn’t a bad thing- although it might be extremely costly and time consuming- but depending on the therapist chosen- chances of it helping you determine where or who your one true life’s mate is or if you knew them in a previous life- in my opinion would be few and far between!

However if you learning about the therapist hypnosis method is  something that you are considering- may I suggest watching the many videos on YouTube pertaining to this subject- one in particular  that I have enjoyed watching is found at this link:

Here is a method I learnt some years back on how to regress yourself to discover your past life or lives. Its really a simple method and only requires some meditation on your part ( I sand MEDITATIION- NOT MEDICATION!) and some visual aids.

Here is the technique that I learnt:

Gather up as many photos and/or drawings of people/places/things as you can- especially images of long ago that include such things as buildings, furniture faces of people from centuries ago (or less), even scenes of beaches or parks or city streets.

Then when you are ready lay out the various images by category- such as say buildings or furniture and then try to relax and do some meditation- and then when ready- come out of the meditation and quickly choose the images of items that you feel “familiar” with.  Place these images off the side and remove the others that you did not have any recollection or feeling of “affinity” with.

With the images you did feel something from- place them again in front of you and do the same process again. When you feel ready- take out some paper and pen and study the images that you resonated with and immediately write down what you feel about the object (or person) in the images. Do not hold back!

Write down exactly what you feel about the image and how “familiar” it looks to you.  Suggestion: You can most images from any time period off the internet- or in books you may already have (art books etc).

After you have finished complying your results- put your writings aside for a few days and then come back to them and see if your feelings about any particular image still “sticks in your mind”—chances are you may have just pinpointed a time in history that you were part of.  For me I have determined that I was alive in the time of Goya the Artist and in another life I may have been a well known race car driver from before the 1950s. I have even has a few Psychics confirm this for me- without me asking about the “person(s) I felt I was).

So, by now you are probably wondering how this technique can help you get closer to your “one true life partner” or what you might term as your Soulmate;

This technique probably wont get you to that exact point, but it will help determine a time period that you may have shared with someone you currently know or are interested in.

However! And this is where this writing has lead up to – You need to know that most of our Clairvoyants and Psychics on this site are exceptionally gifted in helping you find your partner as well as help you to overcome negative energy that you have carried over from past life experiences. Their Clairvoyance and advise techniques will surely get you closer to finding true love in your life.
There may be someone around you now that you know or may have not yet met- in this lifetime who was once your “twin flame” or Soulmate or even your life partner from ages ago.  Our Readers can help you discover who they are- and even “where” you will meet again.
Jayson Lynn: February 2017

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